Leading the global golf cart market.

The New CT&T cZone Electric 72v ac cart is a fast, safe, state of the art ride with much power for traversing the hills and implements 4 wheel hydraulic disc brakes and is suited for 6 or 8 passengers, all facing forward and has a rear trunk or flat utility bed with tailgate or rear seat making it an 8 passenger cart.

cZone has been acknowledged as the next generation golf car, leading the global golf car market through the CT&T ‘s exclusive high technology. It has brought about an innovation in the golf car market with its outstanding performance and beautiful design.

cZone is multi-purpose electric car with excellent economic efficiency and along with respected design and performance. It is ideal in resort locations, quiet in school zones and fast and functional in farms and factory complexes.

Quality customer service

Our repair service is the industry leader in helping customers realized the lowest cost of ownership when it comes to golf carts. Quality customer service, expert knowledge, timely repairs, preventative maintenance, and competitive pricing make us the wise choice for your golf cart repair.

Our technicians are equipped and certified to service any of your golf cart needs.